Pure Pro Products, LLC

Pure Pro Products was formed in 2010 to provide an established, regimented and increasingly health conscious American public with a range of therapeutically proven nutraceutical, herbiceutical and safety products to enhance the quality of their lives.

“Pure-Pro Products, LLC was not founded as a company seeking a market for its products. It became a company because the products we market have immense value to the general public’s well-being and we felt that our line-up of Hall of Fame advocates were well positioned to deliver the message in a credible fashion to the masses. These products have changed our lives for the better and we feel that those we are able to reach will share that experience. None of our athletes asked to be paid for their testimonials and many are now affiliates. This is not something we set out to do; this is something we felt needed to be done. Additional Hall of Famers will appear as advocates as we mature because they, too, have become positively affected by our menu of offerings. We feel the Hall of Fame label transcends individual achievement and sets standards that can only be met through the collaborative efforts of the achievers and their fellow aspirants such as those of us who constitute the Pure-Pro Membership. We will always strive to bring to you the best of our discoveries in an honest and forthright manner in an effort to enhance your standard of living and way of life.”


Dan Clevenger, Chairman

Pure Pro Products LLC

We at PURE-PRO PRODUCTS, LLC are authorized as Preferred Vendors, through the liaison program, with the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and its affiliated agencies.

We feel and have been told that our LED illuminated Night Safety™ vest is the best nighttime safety product available, with endless utility, especially in crisis and emergency situations and their prevention.  Please judge for yourself on our website’s Home Page video.  We are participating with AAA Publications in a National Roadway Safety Campaign featuring our vests and campaign and sponsor logos to AAA’s 52,000,000 members. 

PURE-PRO also offers the ProBack™ back brace which can best be described, as by our Navy SEALS, as “the missing piece” of Standard Military Equipment for our military.  As does Night Safety™, the ProBack™ has its own video segment on our website with evaluations by our Hall of Famers.

There are no competing products for either the Night Safety™ vest or the ProBack™ brace in their category on the GSA Schedule.  Both are exclusive and available for order immediately.

Please take the time to assess and evaluate both products and their value to your needs and objectives and call me for details.  Please be sure to review our Capability Statement and our Press Release for the media. Business Specifics included below.  Please call me with any questions as they are second in value to us only to your orders and are essential to any relationships developed.

Contact Us by Phone at 614-459-8827

  1. Full Business Address:
    1490Lafayette Drive, Ste. A
    Columbus, OH 43220
  2. Date Of Incorporation:
    June 19, 2008
  3. Website:
  4. Telephone: 614-459-8827
  5. Fax Number: 614-459-8755
  6. Cage Code: 60P80
  7. Duns #: 962565391
  8. Best E-mail Address:
  9. Brief Description of Your Products (Shortest Phrasing Possible):
    Night Safety™ LED illuminated safety vests: both ANSI approved and sportsmen’s models
    ProBack™ back brace: Categorized as “Durable Medical Equipment” by Workers’ Compensation Bureaus US Dept of Labor Fact Sheet #OSHA 89-09


Pure Pro Products Members:

  • Dan Clevenger* – Chairman, Marketing
  • Dick Honig* – Marketing and Distribution
  • Will Connery* – Chief Operating Officer
  • Pat O’Donnell* – Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Tom VanArsdale – 3-time NBA All Star / Athletic Relations
  • Dewey Stokes* – Sales, Public Relations
  • Don Eaton* – Marketing and Distribution
  • Logan Clevenger – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Joe O'Donnell – NFL All-Pro, Retired Players Association Relations

* Denotes Board of Directors

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